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TIG Stick ™ Handheld Tungsten Grinder

TIG Stick ™ Handheld Tungsten Grinder

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Introducing the TIG Stick : The best hand-held tungsten grinder you will find anywhere. Grinding tungsten is something every single TIG welder in the world has to do. For most welders, it's an annoying and sloppy process. With the TIG Stick  in your arsenal, grinding your tungsten becomes an easy, precise, and consistent process. 

The TIG Stick  will hold and grind any size tungsten at any angle, and it will do those things without requiring the use of any external tools. There are no collets to swap out... no wrenches to turn... Just lock in your desired cut angle using the thumb screw, and securely clamp onto a tungsten of any size by pressing a spring-loaded button. Not only does the TIG Stick  have these amazing features, but it allows you to grind your tungsten to an unbelievably perfect point every time.

Detailed features:

- The TIG Stick  is compact and lightweight. It is about the same size as a standard smart phone, and it weighs just over 1 lb. 

- A simple thumb screw allows you to move the V-clamp into 6 different grinding angle positions: 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90°. The locking washer and 3D-printed grooves lock the V-clamp into perfect pre-determined positions for repeatable consistency.

- The spring-loaded pushbutton V-clamp allows you to easily grab onto any size tungsten without any adjustments required. Just press the button, slide in your tungsten, release the button, and grind away! The V-clamp and fingers are made from 3D-printed aluminum, so you can clamp in your hot tungsten without any worries about hurting the tool.

- There is a 3D printed channel integrated into the design that neatly spits all the messy tungsten grinding dust out of a hole in the bottom of the tool.

- The grinding disc is a balanced, diamond-coated steel disc. The diamonds on the surface are real diamonds... and they cut tungsten like butter! With this diamond disc you can achieve a perfect point on your tungsten in just a few seconds.

- The TIG Stick  is comprised of some USA made components along with some internationally sourced components. I have personally sifted through many different suppliers and sources to find components that work really well and last a long time.

I am proud to say the entire plastic body of this unit is 3D printed in the USA, and the entire assembly process is completed by hand in the USA as well!

*Each unit comes ready to use with a 12V 3A power supply included in the package*

(Type A plug for North America and Japan only right now. Other plug types compatible with other parts of the  world coming soon.)

*clip-on TIG Stick  Battery Pack coming soon!*

Let the TIG Stick  take your TIG welding to the next level while making your work life *that* much easier.

- David Larson

Larson MasterWorks 

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TIG Stick ™ Demo Video

"I use mine every day... This thing is a real game changer."

- Sean Jackson - Competition Distributing

Check out Sean's Panhead build along with his related work on his Instagram here:

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