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1912 Indian Boardtrack Racing Motorcycle

1912 Indian Boardtrack Racing Motorcycle

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- Original Hedstrom 1000cc/61 cu. in. "Big Twin". This engine is wearing a rare dual-rear head setup that was seen on a number of early teens Hedstrom racers. This setup allowed both exhaust pipes to face the rear to promote better flow at high speeds while maintaining the short straight pipes.
-The left sides of the cylinder bases have original oval ports for extra exhaust flow at high rpms!
- Original Boardtrack-sized "tall skinny" rims. All original board track racers in the early teens used this rim profile. (Look at some period pictures for comparison) Very rare.
- original race-only countershaft with "Hedstrom" letters still visible on the back side
- original "short-rigid" front fork. Race only. I believe about an inch shorter than road model(?)
- original Mesinger Cavalry racing seat: (new wood pan - the original was dust), original leather, horsehair padding, and mounting brackets
- original hubs
- original Hedstrom "soup can" carburetor and intake manifold
....And a number of other special pieces.
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